Jones: "Let's hope it doesn't happen again"

As every week, Sooners Illustrated caught up with OU's redshirt freshman quarterback Landry Jones, who this week is coming off his poorest performance of the year, a record-setting five interception game at Nebraska.

On if any of his poor throws stuck with him
All of them kind of stuck with me.

On if he's talked to Sam Bradford about his performance
Well, I'd like to have it not a part of the process, but things like that happen. You learn from it, and you move on, and you forget about it. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him about it because after the game I didn't really talk to anybody about the game. I just kind of [was] really upset it, and it just can't happen again.

On how to put that type of game behind him
You've just got to learn from it. You have to learn from it and get better by it, and then once you learn from it, remember the mistakes that you made, you kind of have to put it behind you, just move on and go play the next snap and go play the next game.

On if the challenge of bouncing back is keeping his confidence
Right, yeah. You always have to act like you're the guy around here, keep your confidence sky high. It's expected from your teammates.

On if the passes down the middle that were picked were technique issues
No, it was just one of those things where I was just a little off. I was just missing the ball high. I can't really say much else about it. I just missed a lot of them high.

On if he ever had a high school game like last weekend's
I can't remember a game as bad as Saturday. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

On if he was rattled
It was just one of those things where I made a couple of mistakes, and I was trying to keep playing out there, and it just didn't turn out the way that I wanted it to.

On what happened inside the 40-yard line
Obviously, the turnovers by me. That's one of the things that happened, and then we had some critical penalties that got under us and put us in third down and long, and we didn't convert when we needed to.

On if it seemed like the offense was pressing instead of just playing the game and that possibly making him press
Maybe. I mean, I was just trying to go out there and, you know, kind of make plays when plays presented itself to me. I was just trying to keep staying within myself and staying within the offense.

On if he saw that a sneak would have been open on 4th-and-1 in the first half
No, [the pitch] was just the play that we called.

On if there's a silent count QB sneak
No, not really. I mean, we just kind of, if coaches see something, we'll check the play or something like that.

On the loss of Brody Eldridge
It's a big blow, obviously, losing a guy like that, a veteran guy that has been around here a long time, one of the leaders on this offense, so it's a big thing to miss Brody, and he'll be missed in this offense, but we'll just keep him in our prayers, and we've got to move on and get ready for Texas A&M.

On the O-line protecting him and giving him time Saturday
Yeah, the O-line did a good job. You know, they all played hard, and you can't fault them for their effort. They all played really good.

On if he missed the call on the hail mary that was intercepted
It was just one of those things where I kind of rushed myself. I don't know. Maybe I got a little bit greedy and wanted to take a shot and missed the end of that call, so that one was definitely on me. The end of the game's on me.

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