What Stills Wants to See

At Sooners Illustrated, we look to bring you the most up-to-date information on Sooner targets as they tell it. We talked briefly with 5-star athlete Kenny Stills this morning as he gets ready to come to the South to see the Sooners take on Texas A&M. See what he had to say.

Not long after he finishes up the regular season with La Costa Canyon (CA), wide receiver Kenny Stills will soon be heading to Oklahoma for an official visit that he claims to have been looking forward to for some time.

"My plane is leaving tomorrow (Saturday) at about 7 a.m.," Stills said. "I am excited about getting down there and seeing everything in person."

It seems as though Oklahoma and Florida are the hot two on the trail, with USC and a new offer from Miami as a possible place of consideration. At the end of the month, a trip to Florida is scheduled and from earlier reports, a decision will come not long after that as the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Stills will be a December graduate.

But this weekend is Norman and Stills explains a few things that are on his early to-do list.

"I definitely want to get a feel for the people at the school and in the area around the school. I have a good feel for people when it comes to their vibes," Stills said. "I'm excited to actually get to meet all of the coaches face-to-face."

Aside from this main point, Stills plans to take some notes on some things going on with the football team as well. Not just to see how he interacts, but even checking out the schemes and play calling as well.

"For the game, I really want to experience the atmosphere and see what it is like," Stills said. "From the receivers stand point, I want to see the kinds of routes they run. I am the kind of player who likes to get down field. So I will watch the offense close and see if I fit in the Oklahoma scheme."

Starting this season, Stills was putting up big numbers each week despite not playing much of the second half because of the strength of the team. And here lately, Stills said, the team's ground game has been getting it done with two backs have multiple 150-yard games.

With that said, Stills production has slowed down some, but he has quite a few 300-all purpose yard games to still be a contributing factor.

At La Costa Canyon, Stills knows a little about winning championships. And that is something he wants to continue on the next level. 

"I want to be surrounded by guys who want to make things happen and be a part of a championship team. That is what I am looking for," Stills said. "This weekend I will see if the staff wants me to join together with their team. I want to see everything come together this weekend."

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