Stills Impression of Oklahoma Is…

At Sooners Illustrated, we look to bring you the most up-to-date information on Sooner targets as they tell it. We talked briefly with 5-star athlete Kenny Stills from the airport to get an idea about how his official visit to Oklahoma went. See what he had to say.

There was no shortage of words to describe what La Costa Canyon (CA), wide receiver Kenny Stills thought of his official trip to Oklahoma. A though it got started slightly later than usual, the five-star athlete said nothing but positive things about a program that is highly recruiting him.

"I had a great time. It was so much more than I expected," Stills said. "I felt so comfortable and it was real you know."

Arriving at about 3 p.m. CST on Saturday, Stills was picked and taken immediately to the stadium for the game against Texas A&M. After grabbing a quick bite, he hooked up with other recruits there on similar missions. Guys like Roy Finch (commit), Justin McCay (commit), Chris Martin and Quentin Hayes (commit) were also on official visits.

"I talked with the coaches a little bit and caught up with all of those guys," Stills said of the time he met with Sooner prospects and commits. "We were all out there at the game with the cheerleaders and having a good time. You know, we wanted to bring big smiles to the South from where we were all from. That's what we wanted to bring to the stadium."

With all of that said, the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Stills was not sure what to expect from the game-day environment. 

"The Sooners have not had had the season they probably have wanted so I did not know what to expect from everyone as far as morale," Stills said of the Sooner game that resulted in 65-10 win over the Big 12 Aggies. "But it was crazy out there with the game and all of the players were great, happy and welcoming. It was all smiles. So I felt like we were just simply adding to the good feelings that were already there."

Hosting Stills for the weekend was the Sooners No.1 wide receiver target Ryan Broyles. These two got to spend good times with each other. When the inquisitive Stills posed some questions of Broyles, Stills was open and receptive to all that was being said.

"He (Broyles) is a great dude. He is someone I could see myself playing next to or on the opposite side," Stills said. "He took good care of me and answered the questions I needed. He gave it to me real and told me all that I needed to hear.

"Whether it was about the town, players, coaches, workouts, you know anything, he answered it. It was just real."

Stills elaborated and mentioned the word "real" many times through out the interview. Even when referring to his time with coach Bob Stoops

"He was cool. It's comforting to know that you do not have to be nervous around a man like him," Stills said. "He came out and told me that they want to take some receivers and that I have a chance to come in and compete. There is an opportunity for me, but nothing will be given to me. I liked that he spoke to me real.

"He basically told me that ‘it' is there and it is what I make of it."

As mentioned earlier, there were plenty of guys on hand for this weekend on official visits. Most were recruits, but only Stills and Aurora, CO defensive end Martin where not already part of the Sooner organization. 

Some time was spent with the five-star end as well.

"You know, I feel like he is kind of shopping around," Stills said of his friend who is committed to Notre Dame. "I think he wants to see what is best for him."

So, what is best for Stills? Where does Oklahoma sit with him now?

"The program definitely made a great impression on me and that is something I will remember," Stills said. "This will make my decision much harder. Oklahoma is still right there with me. What happened this weekend was great and you don't forget these types of things."

One more trip at the end of the month for Stills will be to Florida. That means that a decision will come in a couple of weeks as Stills is a December graduate.

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