Recruiting Exclusive: Williams wants to play early

Houston defensive end John Williams talks about his plans for next year at his signing ceremony.

HOUSTON — Lamar defensive end John Williams discusses his signing, friendship with Alonzo Dotson and expectations as freshman next season.

Flanked by Dotson, Williams was honored during a special 2 p.m. ceremony at the Houston Independent School District's administration offices this afternoon. Like Dotson, Williams signed his letter of intent at 8 a.m. this morning.

Wearing a dapper gray suit and sleek black tie, Williams, who recorded 17 sacks and 20 hurries last fall, answered most questions asked by with ‘no sir' or ‘yes sir' responses.

However, the soft-spoken, 6-foot-5, 220-pound standout still managed to provide rather candid answers about his future in Norman during an interview with on Wednesday.

OUInsider: Congratulations on your signing, how does it feel to be a Sooner?

Williams: "I'm very enthused and very excited sir." Why did you choose OU?

Williams: "I chose OU, because it best fitted me. I like the coaching staff, especially Coach Stoops, Coach Shipp and Coach Wright. I like all the scenery, the school, the education and most importantly, the players that play on the football team. I just thought it'd be a big success if I could go there and make a name for myself, then hopefully go to the league." Besides OU, what other schools did you consider?

Williams: "Texas, UCLA, Iowa State and Nebraska. It came down to OU and Texas, but I picked based on how good I felt about each school. I just felt better about OU and they fit me perfect because I like to play aggressively and sack the quarterback." Did OU's three-game winning streak vs. Texas influence your decision at all?

Williams: "It really helped me sign faster. I mean, I don't care about the (national championship) rings etc., I just think OU best fits me, but since they've got them already, I might as well add two or three rings myself." I noticed that Alonzo Dotson is here with you today. Describe your relationship with him.

Williams: "We keep in touch a lot. I didn't know him until we took pictures for the Houston Chronicle recently, but once I met him I was very impressed. He's one of my close friends now." Has the OU coaching staff talked to you about playing as a true freshman next season?

Williams: "There's a wide-open defensive end spot since Jimmy's gone. I just have to gain strength and I'll be in the system next season rushing the passer."

OUInsider: What are your personal goals for next season?

Williams: "I'd like to see myself start. If I don't, I'll stay dedicated and by my second year I should start." What are your thoughts on you and Alonzo competing for that defensive end spot vacated by Jimmy Wilkerson?

Williams: "May the best man win." What are your thoughts on Norman?

Williams: "It's a smaller town, but that's good, because I want to keep my focus on football and academics. I'm thinking about dentistry, so I want to avoid all the foolishness a lot of football players go through, so I can concentrate academically and make it to the league someday."

OUInsider: What's something most people don't know about you?

Williams: "I'm very religious. When I get older, I want to pastor my own church. Ministry plays an important part in my life. Sometimes, I play the drums at my father's church, Faith Tabernacle Church of God and Christ and I used to preach too." What are your thoughts on OU football fans?

Williams: "They're wild. From what I've heard, a big part of Oklahoma's state history relates to football. That must be why the fans are really cool and so much more intense than other schools." What are your strengths on the football field?

Williams: "I have plenty of strengths, but my main one is rushing the quarterback. I like to take advantage of my speed and quickness. I'm always focusing on sacking that quarterback." In what areas do you hope to improve individually?

Williams: "I really don't have a weakness, but I do have to improve on stopping the run a little bit. I'm a little light, so I need to stand my ground more and play the run better."

OUInsider: Who do you compare yourself to as a football player?

Williams: "I compare myself to Jevon Kearse, but on the other hand, he's bigger than me, so I gotta say Iím more like a Jason Taylor-type guy." Congratulations on signing with OU today and best of luck in the future.

Williams: "Thanks."

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