Signing Day: Stoops says latest class is balanced

Excerpts from Head Coach Bob Stoops' signing day press conference Wednesday at the Barry Switzer Center

Below are excerpts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' signing day press conference from the Barry Switzer Center Wednesday in Norman.

On the class as a whole
We have another well-balanced class, which seems to be a trademark for us. We never overload at one position, but always strive for good balance. I believe we've achieved that once again. This is another very athletic class. Many of these athletes play multiple sports and have excellent speed."

"In the lines, we've added excellent size and strength. And even though we're getting bigger and stronger with the addition of these players, we still have been able to sign guys who move awfully well."

"The tight ends, defensive ends and linebackers all have great quickness. We've been very successful by recruiting speed and athletic ability at these positions and we've done well in those areas again."

"At the skill positions, we feel there is very good ability in all of the positions when you look at things like speed, size and production through their high school careers. These are players who can change a game in a short period of time."

On junior college safety Donte Nicholson, who is already signed and on campus
"Donte has fit in very well with our other players. It's as though he's been here for two years already. His situation, in terms of the way he has fit in, is much like what we saw with Lance (Mitchell) and Pasha (Jackson). We feel he is a player with a very good chance to make an impact on our team."

On losing the state's top recruit
"One player does not make this program, and it will not break this program. That has always been the case here. No one player is bigger then the program and ono one person is biggger, and that includes me. I dont worry about a loss here or there, even if it's an in-state player because I know we will get good players, no great football players. The reason I know that is because we always have great players here at Oklahoma. I realize how many great players we already have and how many great players we have in this recruiting class."

On losing in-state kids
"I don't take it personally, but we would like to keep all of the ins-state players at home. We think we have a good enough program that that should be the case. But again, some players don't see it like we do. And we realize they soemtimes get information from other people that sometimes isn't quite true, but they believe it. And if they believe it stong enough then we don't sign him.

More on losing players
"I've been in this business long enough to realize we're not going to sign every player we go after. Sure, some players are more surprising then others when they don't sign with you. But I realize that recruiting is basically like any other business when you're selling your program or product. No matter how good of a job we do, and we do a good job, no matter how good our product is, and our football program is one of the best, it is still not going to be good for everybody no matter how much we think it should be.

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