RECRUITING: Does Moe know?

Decatur, Illinois defensive tackle Moe Dampeer gives us the latest scoop on the eve of his decision

Decatur, Ill. defensive tackle Moe Dampeer is just about 14 hours away from the most important decision of his life. And unfortunately, fans from Illinois and Oklahoma don't have a clue which school he is going to pick, but neither does he.

"I honestly don't know what I am going to do tomorrow and that is frustrating me really," said Dampeer late Thursday night. "I have been talking to my parents about it all day long, but I haven't been able to tell them which school I am going to. I am going to think a little more about it tonight and then try to get some sleep. I want to wake up early tomorrow and then make a positive and definite decision. I don't want any doubts in my mind. I don't want to carry this out any longer either."

JH: Can you go over with me what you are thinking about with both teams?

MD: "Illinois is closer to home and since I would be a hometown boy I would receive more notoriety throughout my career. It would be easier for my parents and friends to watch me play.

"At Oklahoma I would win and win big. Oklahoma has a better program and I might win one or two national titles while I am there. I would get to go to a big bowl game every year, while that isn't a certainty at Illinois.

"However, players like me might change that perception at Illinois. That is really all it comes down to. I have really liked Oklahoma for the past six months are so, but I have followed Illinois all my life. Well, really I have followed OU as well. Without question OU is a bigger name in college football."

JH: Do you really feel that you would receive more notoriety if you go to Illinois, considering OU is on as national television as much as any other team in the country and Tommie Harris was just on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

MD: "Well, I am not Tommie Harris and he deserved to be on the cover, but really you are right. At OU if I am good enough to get national pub, I would get the pub. The players get the pub while they are winning and that says a lot about the program."

JH: How about the coaching staffs at both schools?

MD: "That is about even. I have great relationships with coaches at both schools and I am close with coaches at both schools."

JH: Mo, Who are you going to pick tomorrow?

MD: "I wish I could tell you, but I am sorry I just can't right now. I just hope I can at noon tomorrow."

One other note: Mo is going on live radio, television and going on a chat with Tom Lemming around noon tomorrow. Tom Lemming told OU coaches tonight that he isn't sure where Mo is going, but Mo hasn't said that he was committing to either one of the two schools. But Mo did tell Lemming that he thought he was going to OU. I find this interesting because Mo probably looks at Lemming as a neutral reporter, or more of a Big 10 reporter, so that may be a good sign for OU. At this point you look for good signs where you can find them.

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