Favors Already a Known Name in Norman

On Saturday, the Sooners hosted quite a few members of the 2010 commitment class, one of them was four-star safety Rashod Favors. Favors talked about the visit, the game, and getting himself back in shape for the '10 season when he is a Sooner himself.

Rashod Favors has already been on quite a few visits to the OO campus to come see his future teammates do work on the gridiron. This time around was different because it was Favors official visit.

And what a great weekend to pick to take your official visit then during the Bedlam rivalry.

"I left Friday morning about 10:30am and came back Sunday around 4:00pm," Favors said. "I went with my momma, my daddy, my little brother and my little sister."

During the visit Favors had a couple of hosts. One in particular had some bad luck like Favors with a season ending injury.

"Friday my host was Tom Wort and Saturday it was Joseph Ibiloye. They are real cool people."

While out and about with his hosts Favors got the chance to meet some future 1st round draft picks and hang out a bit.

"I saw Jermaine Gresham," Favors began. "I talked to Sam Bradford and Brody Eldridge. They were all at Brody's house when I went over there with Tom (Wort). And then I went to 'Jo's' (Ibiloye) place and saw 'Q' (Quinton Carter) and Sam Proctor. I saw a whole bunch of dudes over there."

Favors did a lot more on the visit then just hang out with the players and future teammates. He got the chance to see the campus and where he will be living for the next four years of his life.

"We got to tour the campus," Favors explained. "They took us all around the practice fields, the cafeteria, the basketball courts. They took us all over."

The game itself was obviously fun to watch for Favors, especially with the OU defense shutting down the Cowboys offense and keeping them out of the end zone, winning 27-0.

Favors will admit the Sooners haven't been great on the road but no one plays better at home then the boys in Crimson and Cream.

"Oh man it was great," Favors said about the game. "I told everyone from the get go that this game was not going to be easy to get a win and that it was going to be a dog fight. We have been shaky on the road. Now at home, we play the best ball you can play at home. You got to protect the house."

Even though the season is over Favors says he plans to get back to Norman again most likely to see some spring practices.

"I will probably try to get down there during the spring and see some spring practices."

During the visit Favors found out that just because he isn't a Sooner yet doesn't mean fans and little kids around Norman don't already know who he is.

"I must have signed a bunch of autographs," Favors said. "It was cool having a bunch of little kids coming up to you and asking for your autograph. I was like ‘I don't even play' and they were like ‘yeah I know'. So it was pretty cool."

Before Favors took off from Norman to head home he got the chance to sit down with the head man of his future team - Head Coach Bob Stoops.

"I got to sit down with him at the end before we were about to leave and talked with him. I just told him I was really looking forward to being a Sooner," Favors stated.

When asked what this visit did for him and his commitment, which was already solid to the Sooners, Favors had this to say.

"It just solidified everything. I mean this is a great place where I want to be with great people, great atmosphere, great teammates and great coaches. If you set yourself up in a good situation with all these positives then you can't go wrong."

Now with Favors recruiting being over a lot of questions coming his way are dealing with his cousin, Scout.com five-star wide receiver Darius White.

Favors says he still doesn't know where White intends to go like usual but has been giving him some advice.

"I talked to Darius and I just told him whatever you choose to do then that's what you choose to do," Favors explained. "I'm not going to tell him where to go because that's not my place. I couldn't tell you if I wanted to where he wants to go so it's on him."

After the ankle surgery that Favors had to have to fix some ligament damage, he has been working hard to get ready for next season.

"I have been working out like crazy," Favors said. "I've been jump roping, running and getting on the latter. I'm trying to get back in shape because I need to get back in shape."

Next season will be here before we know it and Favors can't wait.

"I know I can't wait," Favors said. "I'm starving to get out there and play."

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