Humphrey is Blowing Up

Dallas Paris Epscopal defensive tackle Eric Humphrey is one of the fastest rising prospects in the country, as college scholarship offers are rolling in from all directions. Check out this feature for the latest on his recruitment.

Eric Humphrey, a 6-foot-4, 275-pound defensive tackle from Parish Episcopal (Dallas, Texas) is not a name that many college programs or recruiting experts were talking about, that is until they got to see a copy of his senior film.

"My coach had my senior film and he just released it about a month ago," Humphrey began. "And then over the next couple of weeks I got about eight offers."

"The first schools that offered me was Baylor. It was crazy. It felt great to know that my parents would not have to pay for college."

"It was crazy. It was startling, unexpected," Humphrey continued as he tried to put in to words what it was like to receive all of this attention in a flash.

Off the top of his head Humphrey reported offers from "Colorado, Kansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Arkansas, UT (Texas), & OU (Oklahoma)".

Plus he has played host to a couple of huge visitors. Oklahoma sent down its legendary former All-American and current defensive tackles coach Jackie Shipp and two days later TCU head coach Gary Patterson played him a visit.

"Coach Patterson is a great man, he is a great man," Humphrey informed. "Coach Shipp is also a good man. He is very outgoing person. Coach Shipp demands from you straight from the beginning."

Humphrey will take an official visit to TCU (12-4) this weekend and will follow it up with a visit to Oklahoma (12-11). He also would like to check out Baylor, Arkansas, and Texas Tech.

"I want to go to a place where I can help start establishing a great program."

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