Mensik's Incredible Journey

Many believed that Eric Mensik would eventually make the move to offensive line, but he never thought it would really happen until a number of injuries forced him in to a starting role at offensive tackle in one of the biggest games of the year.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And the OU offensive line situation at the end of the regular season could only be described as desperate.

When Trent Williams went down with a concussion on the Tuesday prior to the Sooners 27-0 drubbing of Oklahoma State they were left with only a couple of options at offensive tackle.

They could move Tavaris Jeffries or Stephen Good out to tackle, and both guys played a lot of the position before coming to Norman.

Ultimately the staff would decide to go with back-up tight end Eric Mensik, and the move paid off as he played admirably in the big Bedlam win.

"The strength coaches always said that I would end up making the move to tackle," Mensik said about his move to the offensive line.

"But I never really believed it, so I just concentrated on tight end and as injuries started happening I started playing more tackle."

Mensik never really had any idea that he would get the call to start against OSU, that was until just minutes before the game started, despite the fact he did play a few snaps in a nameless No. 69 jersey in mop-up time of the 65-10 home win over Texas A&M.

"It was actually about 20 minutes before the game that I knew I was the starting tackle," Mensik reported.

"When he (Williams) went down I just thought he was sick, that's really the impression that I had. But as the week went on I started playing tackle more but I was still rotating in at tight end. I had no clue he was out with a concussion. I was a little nervous at first, but you know I had trust in myself and believed in the coaches and what we were doing and it worked out pretty good."

What did Mensik think about the experience?

"It was nerve racking," Mensik sighed. "I was a little nervous at first. Just switching over one position might not seem like a lot, bit it is a different position as far as reaching schemes and I was a little nervous at first, but I stepped up. The coaches said to believe in myself and I did.

"And it worked out pretty good… I actually got my name on my jersey!"

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