Cullen Likes What He Sees at Oklahoma

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is still going as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today, we caught Oklahoma offensive line target John Cullen from Fullerton in California. He talked about his recent official visit to Norman, OK.

Talk about an influx of information.

Not long ago, Fullerton (CA) offensive lineman John Cullen had a couple Oklahoma coaches over at his home for a visit. Now, this past weekend, Cullen made his trip to Norman for an official visit. 

"It was good that I was able to learn all of this stuff about the school. I did not know much about the program before all of this," Cullen said. "I'm glad I got all of the facts. I really like the tradition of the program a lot."

So of the weekend, the 6-foot-6, 275-pound Cullen was riding shotgun with Stephen Good and got a chance to take in all the things that the football team and people around the city do on an everyday basis.

Of course in addition to Good, assistant coach James Patton was present as well, making sure things were all good.

"Stephen (Good) was a cool guy. He took me around the city and showed me where people of Norman go, you know a couple of spots," Cullen said. "Coach Patton was around quite a bit as well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Patton was there. So we got to spend a lot of time together."

On top of that, Cullen came down a little early to take in some of the sights, one of which was the Sooner practice. 

"The Thursday practice was a little more laid back, but Friday the intensity picked up," Cullen said. "The tempo was upbeat and it felt much like a Division I practice. But, I liked it."

Before leaving, Cullen got some one-on-one time with coach Bob Stoops

"He (Stoops) was great to talk to. The main thing he kept telling me was the need to get good offensive linemen in there to contribute now," Cullen said. "He is looking for guys to come in and make an impact now. I am one of the guys he wants to come in and fill that left tackle spot. They (Sooner coaches) drilled that in for a lot of the weekend about coming in and contributing immediately."

After the Oklahoma trip, Cullen said that the Sooners rank high on his list, next to Tennessee. Cullen stated that he recorded about 60 pancake blocks this season and Fullerton's leading back rushed for about 1,900 yards and 20-plus touchdowns.

Though he has not solidified this as of yet, but his remaining three visits will likely be to Kansas State, Auburn and Utah. These official visits are likely to be in January 2010.

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