Murray Now Considering NFL Draft

NORMAN, Okla. – Oklahoma star running back DeMarco Murray was leaning towards coming back to OU for his senior year, but he now admits that he is considering all of his available options and could still enter the NFL Draft.

Exactly one month ago DeMarco Murray said that he was "pretty sure" that he would return to Oklahoma for the '10 season, citing the atmosphere of the program and the relationship with his teammates and coaches as the main reasons for wanting to come back.

But after some contemplation on the subject he admitted on Wednesday that was not ready to close the doors on the possibility that he could be on a pro roster. "Whenever I said it I was in the moment and just felt I needed to come back but after talking to the coaches and things like that and they agree with me that I need to look at both sides and figure out what I need to do."

"I feel I got to take the opportunity and at least think about it and not put a stamp on it and say 'hey I am going to come back next year'. I haven't made any decisions yet, you know, I am still thinking about it. It has been in my mind everyday. But at the end of the day I just got to make the best decision for myself."

"If I do come back I need to come back for the right reasons and want to help this team and win a National Championship," Murray continued. "But in the position I am in I at least need to take a shot and look at it and see where it goes."

Murray has talked a lot with players like Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham, ad Trent Williams who all spurned the NFL a year ago to come back at a shot at the National Title.

"I talk to Jermaine and Trent and Sam a lot about things like that just because we are close friends," Murray said. "Those are some of the players you got to talk to and get their side of the ball and see how they are feeling."

"They just told me to make the best decision for myself and if I do decide to come back make sure it is 100 percent what I want to do and if I do decide to leave make sure I am 100 percent ready to want to go to that next level, but they have not tried to steer me one way or another."

In his career at OU Murray has been a home run threat every time he touches the ball and has garnered 4,495 total yards and scored 44 touchdowns.

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