OU-NC: Report Card

NORMAN, Okla. -- Sooners Illustrated grades out OU's narrow 80-79 victory over the Northern Colorado Bears at the Lloyd Noble Center Saturday.

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Overall team performance—D+

Maybe the Sooners were looking forward to the All-College Classic Monday against UTEP. Or maybe they just weren't focused. Whatever it was, the Sooners struggled mightily in this one, falling down by 11 points in the first half before taking a 10-point lead in the second half, only to let it dwindle away down the stretch in what nearly became an ugly loss. In the end, OU escaped, but it wasn't pretty.

Willie Warren—F

"I'm tired of trying to figure him out," said OU head coach Jeff Capel about Warren's poor performance Saturday.

But there is a lot to figure out about Warren. How can a player of his caliber score 27 points on the road against Utah and come home and net only four against Northern Colorado. Warren had more turnovers than points, as he lost it five times in the contest, and he was only 2-for-6 from the field. He's supposed to be the leader out there, but he was anything but that against the Bears.

Tony Crocker—B+

Crocker had a brilliant second half, hitting four three-pointers and helping the Sooners hold on for their eighth win of the season. He was 8-for-15 in the game and once again had the Sooners' only double-double, as he had 24 points and 10 rebounds. But he made one of the poorest decisions of the game in the final two minutes when he elected to shoot a jumper instead of running the clock, and it almost came back to cost them the victory.

Cade Davis—A

Davis arguably is the only reason the Sooners won this game. When OU trailed by 11, he hit three treys in a row to cut it to two. He was 6-for-10 from behind the arc in the contest, as he racked up a game-high 25 points. Davis played 40 minutes without a turnover and once again was solid defensively.

Tommy Mason-Griffin—D+

Mason-Griffin missed a free throw with six seconds left that allowed Northern Colorado a possible chance to go down and take the lead in the final seconds. Although the Bears were unsuccessful in doing so after they turned it over, it was a key miss. Mason-Griffin only shot 3-for-10 in the game, and he had trouble manufacturing the offense down the stretch.

Tiny Gallon—C-

Gallon banked home a couple nice shots early, showing the types of moves he is capable of in the future. But he didn't quite exert enough effort in the post game to stake a presence, although he managed nine points and five rebounds. The bright spot for Gallon in this game was his free throw shooting. He hit five of his six attempts there.


OU only played two off the bench Saturday. Senior forward Ryan Wright and freshman Steven Pledger combined for 10 points, while they committed two turnovers, over 34 minutes of playing time. Wright did have back-to-back dunks, which extended the Sooners' lead to 10 at the time, but besides that, it was limited production between the two.

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