No Rush for Wallace

Recruiting coverage at Sooner Illustrated continues as we bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Recently, we talked with one of Texas' finest junior defenders, Anthony Wallace from Dallas Skyline High School.

With the football season complete for all players in the Lone Star State, the focus will shift for many of these players who are underclassmen. While some will just look to improve for season, others will do that in conjunction with researching different college programs to find out which one works best for them.

Or, at the very least, start narrowing down a large list of options. That is about where things stand with Dallas (TX) Skyline middle linebacker Anthony Wallace.

"I don't really talk to anybody right now as far as college coaches. Now that spring is coming up, I want to learn as much as I can about these programs," Wallace said. "So you can say that I am wide open right now."

So now it begins.

For the 6-foot-2, 220-poound Wallace, the search for that right fit will start here shortly. He reported that he has about 16 offers at the moment. A few that came to mind was LSU, Minnesota, Nebraska, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas A&M. He is also hearing from Texas and USC as well.

"At this point I will go to as many junior days as I can because I have not been able to go anywhere so far," Wallace said.

And from a recent standpoint that statement rings true. But he did bring up at least one place he had been dating back to his sophomore year.

"I went to a camp at Oklahoma and I remember seeing the campus and I liked it," Wallace. "I have interest in the Sooner program."

But for a player like Wallace, everything is still somewhat early seeing that he has not been on the horn with any coaches recently. He plans to give all of the programs an equal opportunity to recruit him.

This past season, the Skyline team advanced to the quarterfinals round of the playoffs, a round short of the team's preseason goals, according to Wallace. In a 13-game season, Wallace averaged about eight tackles a game.

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