There's no 'I' in Joe John Finley's game

Catching up with Arlington, Texas athlete Joe John Finley one week after signing day.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Arlington athlete Joe Jon Finley talks about signing with OU. As ex-teammates pushed F-150 pickup trucks on a nearby practice field to the spirited shouts of Arlington High School's football coaches, Joe Jon Finley gazed at the scene and a smile trickled from his stoic face. Yet, minutes later, Finley was all business during an exclusive one-on-one interview with earlier this week.

"I've got to get inside and start working out," he told "I'll never be too strong or too fast. I have to keep improving."

Last fall, the hulking Finley, who stands 6-6, 220 pounds, threw for 1,626 yards and 12 TDs, while rushing for 897 yards and nine TDs. He runs a 4.69 and picked the Sooners over Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and Wisconsin. Six days ago, you signed a letter of intent with OU. Has it really sunk in yet?

Finley: "Yeah, it feels great. I've always wanted to play college football my whole life. I can't wait to see what it's like." Why did you choose OU?

Finley: "It's close to home and only three and a half hours away. I loved the coaching staff, especially coach Stoops. He's really done a good job and I feel like I've got chance to win there." What is your biggest strength on the football field?

Finley: "My leadership. I lead by example and help everybody out." Where do you need improvement?

Finley: "I need to get faster and a lot bigger to compete with the athletes they've got up there." What position do you expect to play?

Finley: "I'm going to play quarterback, tight end or rush end." What position do you prefer playing?

Finley: "It doesn't matter to me. I just want to be on the field helping the team out as much as I can." Do you anticipate playing as a freshman?

Finley: "I'm not sure. It all depends on what position I play. I might get to play tight end my first year, but if I play those other two positions, I'd probably have to redshirt a year and get bigger." What are your thoughts on Norman?

Finley: "It's just a good town from what I saw of it." Your brother, Clint, played football at Nebraska. How much did that factor into the recruiting process?

Finley: "I always thought if I could go there, I would, but it didn't end up that way, so I picked the right school. OU seems like the right place for me. I had to pick a place for me, not just follow my brother." How difficult was the recruiting process?

Finley: "It was real tough. Calling and telling the other schools like Nebraska and Wisconsin that you don't want to go there was really hard. I'm really glad it's done. I think I made the right choice, so I'm looking forward and not looking back." Who are you comparable to as a football player?

Finley: "I really don't know. Name a tall quarterback that can run and that's me."

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