"I am a Sooner and nothing will change that"

At Sooners Illustrated, we look to bring you the most up-to-date information on Sooner targets as they tell it. We talked briefly with 5-star athlete Kenny Stills just a few days before he heads to Norman, OK. Check out what he had to say.

In just over 24 hours, Kenny Stills new life starts. A full-time student and a member of the Oklahoma football team.

"I'm leaving Friday morning on my way to Norman. My mother is coming with me," Stills said. "Tony Jefferson (who will be Stills' roommate) and his mom are coming down too. They plan to rent a car and get all of the shopping taken care of to get us started. As far as luggage, I am not planning on bringing a lot of stuff. 

"Just a carry on and probably one more. It's time for a new time in my life to start."

So, for the La Costa Canyon (CA) wide receiver, it's a new beginning. And Stills wants to make sure and grasp every opportunity that presents itself to him. Pack light and start fresh seems to be what the initial plan is.

But there are other things that Stills would like get rolling as well.

"I know that (Oklahoma wide receiver) Ryan Broyles lives in Norman so I will make sure and get in touch with him once I get settled," Stills said. "I'll try and get out a little and see the town. And I know that there is probably already a plan in place for this, but I want to get with the strength and conditioning coach ASAP. I just want to get in the game and get going."

While all of the things pertaining to football seem to be set, the 6-foot-1, 175-pound Stills, who finished his career as San Diego section's all-time leading receiver,  has to meet with the academic advisors once he gets on campus to get his degree plan going. On Tuesday, January 19, classes will start at Oklahoma and the era begins for Stills. 

For the moment, Stills has expressed interest in majoring in broadcast journalism. That is not set in stone, but there is a particular field he would like to stay in.

"Right now I would have to say that broadcast (journalism) is my thing, but I know whatever I do will be sports related," Stills said. " I want to keep sports a part of my life whether it be Kinesiology or Sports Therapy. I want to stay close to sports, especially football."

As Stills counts down the final moments before heading to the southern region of the country, he fells a sense of gratitude for making the decision to attend Oklahoma. It seems as though everything aligned itself perfectly as Stills make the choice to slow his recruitment down instead of making impulsive choices.

With that said, the coaching changes that have occurred in recent weeks at both USC and Tennessee, both programs that had Stills' close attention throughout the process, would have his head in a whirlwind at the moment had he chosen any one of them.

But let him tell it.

"I'm definitely happy with my decision to go to Oklahoma. God has really looked out for what is best for me," Stills said. "I know made a the right decisions. There was a reason that I waited and a reason for me to want to pursue Oklahoma in the first place. Look where I would have been had I not made those choices. Look what would have happened if I would have committed sooner."

Stills continued.

"If things had happened earlier, who knows where I would have ended up," Stills said. "But I am glad that things turned out the way they did. I look for Oklahoma to remain that power program that it is and we can stay at the top. 

"I know one thing, I am a Sooner and nothing will change that."

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