Another Perspective-Nelson: Texas A&M or OU?

Recruiting coverage at Sooner Illustrated continues as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Here is a brief update on Dallas Skyline linebacker Corey Nelson after his official visit to Oklahoma. We spoke with Skyline recruiting coordinator R.J. Bond to get some clarification.

Lots of buzz was swirling around Oklahoma football recruiting as two of the Lone Star State's top targets were in town for visits. One of those were Texas A&M commitment linebacker Corey Nelson from Dallas Skyline, who expressed as of late that he wanted to take a couple of visits.

Many reports on the network have confirmed that his commitment to the Big 12 school was still a solid one, but the recent trip to Oklahoma was just to make sure everything is all good come National Signing Day.

At press time, the five-star linebacker was not available, but Skyline assistant coach and recruiting coordinator R.J. Bond spoke to Sooners Illustrated to try and shed some light on the situation.

"I have not talked with him since he took his visit to Oklahoma, but I do know that Oklahoma has been a school that has always been there for him despite his commitment to (Texas) A&M," Coach Bond said. "Not sure how the visit went, but I think that this is the only visit that he really wanted to take."

In mid July, the 6-foot-1, 200-pound Nelson made the call to the Aggie coaches he was in and that Texas A&M was the program of choice. And though no true decommitment has taken place, towards the end of the season Nelson decide that he wanted to take a few visits to other places. 

One of which was Oklahoma.

"Even after he committed, there were obviously schools still calling. But he stayed committed," Bond said. "Late in the year, he (Nelson) decided that he wanted to take a few visits. When that happened, coaches were getting to campus quickly and many of them wanted to just get him on campus."

So how did the Sooners get in the mix?

"Honestly, I don't think that Oklahoma ever fell completely out of the picture with him. I don't think that Oklahoma stopped calling," Bond said.

And so it is.

Surely sooner than later (no pun intended), Nelson will take in all that he seen and make his choice. And while coach Bond would not speak directly on his star player's behalf, he does have a few observations based on past and recent conversations.

"I would say that Corey's commitment to A&M has not wavered. But outside of the Aggies, Oklahoma is a school that has always been high on the list for him," Bond said. "So without knowing how things went, I do know that Oklahoma was the one school that was much higher than other programs that were recruiting him."

Bond said that it was a couple of days ago when he and Nelson spoke about anything on the recruiting level. 

"He told me a couple of days ago that it was going to come down to Texas A&M or Oklahoma. As far as I know, this could be his last visit," Bond said. "I don't know what it would take or if he is even thinking about changing his mind."

In his final season at Skyline, Nelson had over 140 tackles (15 for loss), double-digit sacks, an interception and five blocked field goals. With singing day only a few weeks away, what's the prediction?

"I have no clue. I told him to just show me what you choose on signing day," Bond said. "I want him to feel his way through. I don't want to cloud that in any way. I just want him to settle down and make the decision that best for him."

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