Stills Situation Still Unsettled?

There have been problems surrounding the enrollment of Kenny Stills, and you can tell the questions are still there by reading in between the lines.

Prior to 8am, the OU official website, began updating the coverage for National Signing Day.

The first players that got added were four of the five early enrollees.

Bronson Irwin, Austin Woods, Tony Jefferson, and Sheldon McClain all appeared on the list, but the one omission was 5-star wide receiver Kenny Stills.

Stills has been on campus waiting on the NCAA to rule on his case as to whether or not he can begin his OU career.

The fact that he is not able to appear on the OU commit list or the official roster easily explains that his status is still in flux.

Bob Stoops will hold a press conference at 3pm to discuss the class and more will assuredly be revealed about the situation then.

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