Hegarty Talks Recruiting

Sooners Illustrated brings you an interview today with Matt Hegarty, 2011 OL prospect out of Aztec HS in Aztec, NM. The big offensive lineman wasn't able to make it up for the first OU junior day but will try to be there on March 7th.

Now a days in the sport of football we are seeing offensive tackles that are taller, leaner and more athletic than ever before. This description pretty much sums it up for Matt Hegarty, who at the moment he is at 6-foot-5 and 260-pounds while playing basketball.

The strenuous prep hoops was also the reason the Scout.com Top 100 member wasn't able to make it up for the first OU junior day.

"We had basketball going on," Hegarty began. "We finished our season so now that basketball season has wrapped up we are hoping to get out and see some places now."

Not only is Hegarty the focus of college coaches when he's on the football field but seems to be the go-to guy on the basketball court for his team as well.

"I had a pretty good games and usually do pretty well."

As a kid growing up Hegarty explained that his first love was the sport of basketball although as he has gotten older that has started to change.

"As a kid I always joked around about football - and I always loved it - but as a kid I was always more into basketball," Hegarty said. "I always aspired to one day be a basketball player if I could. As I got older I ended up liking football a little bit more and kind of grown more to it."

At the moment Hegarty claims 10 scholarship offers from schools all over the country.

"Right now I have offers from Oklahoma, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Arizona State, Harvard, Stanford, Minnesota, Colorado, and San Diego State," stated Hegarty who also racked up an offer from Texas this past weekend.

While growing up Hegarty didn't have a favorite. And now that he is older he is trying to decipher that on his own.

"When I was younger I didn't have any favorites. My brother played for Texas A&M so he has always pushed them out there. But you know now I'm starting to see things and figure things out and still trying to figure out my favorites now."

"We are looking around at places that have coaching stability. So also a place that has a lot of tradition and a place that also breathes football. Just places with a football environment that can help you reach your highest potential that has a lot of guys with a great mind for the sport."

"Location is definitely not a factor for me, Hegarty continued. "I'm fine if I have to stay close - that would be cool - but I'm fine with traveling away too. I have done a lot of camps and trips for various things in my life so I'm fine with that. (I am) also looking at the academic side of things, you know, I'm looking to study business, so just looking at how my degree will sum up, and just how people operate and just trying to get a good feel for places."

At the beginning of Hegarty's recruitment it was OU OC Kevin Wilson running point but he has given way to OU OL coach James Patton, who he seems to like a lot.

"Personally we have talked and he's a pretty good guy and jokes around. You can kind of get a good feel for someone when you talk to them and he gives off a good vibe so I wouldn't have any worries at all if I was to go play for him. With productions like he has had you know it definitely shows that he knows his stuff," Hegarty explained.

Next weekend will be OU's third Junior Day and Hegarty reports that he will be trying to make it in. It will not be the first time he has been to Norman but this time around he will be able to see a lot more than the last time he was there.

"We actually visited OU for a camp before," Hegarty explained. "We were at the camp mostly so we didn't get to see too much but it definitely had a good feel over there in Norman. The town is nice it's a little off trail from Oklahoma City so it's not right in the heart of the big city but you can still have the big town things. The campus was beautiful and we got to spend most of our time in the indoor facility which is nice. And then we saw the trophies and weight room so it was a nice visit."

The last Top 100 player to come from the "Land of Enchantment" was Landry Jones, who is now starring at quarterback for the Sooners.

"I'm proud to be representing the same state as Landry. He's really making a name for himself and helping to put New Mexico on the map for football," Hegarty stated.

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