McCoy Provides a Great Upside

Former OU defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, an expected lock for a top five position in the upcoming April 2010 NFL draft, is the complete package.

Consider his attention to detail coupled with his personality and love for the game of football.

"I have fun regardless of what I'm doing," McCoy said after his pro day workouts. "A game's fun. To me, this was fun. I turn into a different kind of guy, though. [Before] the game comes around, I'll be joking, but then when the game comes, I just, something happens just like today."

McCoy's love for football translates into a greater aptitude of focus once he puts on the pads.

"As soon as the drills were over, I was back to normal, but during the drills it was just total focus," McCoy said. "It's not really pressure, it's just you've been doing this your whole life. You're supposed to have fun."

For more emphasis on why he's the total package, consider his humble personality even though he's a virtual lock for a top five pick.

"I wrote [Sam Bradford] a letter and had a stamp, laminated and all that stuff, and I said, ‘Please, can I work out on your day [March 25] if you don't mind, King Sam?'" McCoy said. "And [Bradford] said, ‘Yes Gerald.' You know, Sam came up to me. I was like, Sam came and talked to me. We were teammates, and he's King Sam. You've got to get permission to talk to him."

Along with his brilliant focus, want to play the game and modesty, consider his overall athleticism and production on the field.

McCoy is a guy that finished the 2009 campaign with six sacks for 47 yards, part of 15.5 tackles for loss for 72 yards.

He had 34 total tackles, recovered and forced a fumble and also hurried quarterbacks nine times and broke up two passes.

So, he can do it in all different areas of the game on the defensive line.

And if anymore convincing is necessary, consider St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo's comments about the 6-foot-4, 297 lb. force.

"[He does] all the things that you look for in a defensive tackle," Spagnuolo said. "He makes plays. He forces double teams. You don't have to worry about him because he's a talented guy. He rushes the passer. And that would be typical of any defensive tackle that you thought was meriting being a first-round pick."

The bottom line: If a team takes a chance on McCoy, they will get the whole package for a defensive player.

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