Next Month's Draft Should be Special for OU

April 22 has a chance to be a ridiculous day for OU. Several former Sooners, including Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, tight end Jermaine Gresham and offensive lineman Trent Williams, are expected to go in the first round of this year's NFL Draft.

Bradford and McCoy are predicted to be drafted in the top five, possibly even first and second.

So, does that step up the competition between former teammates?

"No, that's King Sam," McCoy said. "I don't battle with Sam. The second pick? Of course, if Sam goes one, of course [I would be happy]."

McCoy said the fact that either of those two could be the top pick does not fuel an extra battle between former teammates.

"I'm not trying to battle with him," McCoy said. "That's why I call him King Sam, and that's what he is. And that's just how I always look at him."

If Bradford were the first overall selection, McCoy said he'd be very satisfied with being selected lower.

"I wish Sam the best," McCoy said. "If Sam can go [No.] 1, I would be very happy for him. He's worked really hard. Sam went through a lot this year, but he's not letting it stop him, and he still has the ability and chance to go [with] the first pick, so I'm happy for him. I hope he gets it."

Those are pretty modest words considering the magnitude of the situation, but it all boils down to their roots and the satisfaction of simply reaching a prized destination and a dream, the NFL.

"Yeah, I mean, and the thing is, we all came in together," McCoy said. "Three of us grew up together. It's great to see everybody reach their dreams and to see all the hard work pay off, especially when guys have been going since I was at OU and guys have been going since I was a kid, so it's kind of fun to see how everything turned out."

While former OU linebacker Keenan Clayton isn't expected to be as high in the draft as the other aforementioned players, he echoed McCoy's thoughts.

"You know, all these guys, we all wish each other the best," Clayton said. "So [if] we all help each other, you know what I'm saying, sell and get out of there on the first couple days, that would be a real good thing for us."

Bradford may or may not be the first overall pick, one thing's certain.

A lot of Sooners will be called out early this time around in the draft.

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