Sooners Add a New Wrinkle to Spring

This just in: The Sooners have changed things up a bit in 2010.

They have sped things up, and that has been the focus so far through four practices.

"Oh yeah, I mean, this spring was based, I felt like, a whole lot on speed," said running back Mossis Madu.

And that means something else must be focused on less.

"You know, they weren't really trying to push power," Madu said. "They wanted to push speed out there. And right now, with the way practice is going, people do look a whole lot faster and more swift."

It's definitely not to say they're not working on power at all but that it's just not the major point of emphasis.

But speed is.

That sounds like something that could be found in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), where one so often hears about the comparison between the SEC and the Big 12.

That makes it even more ironic where the Sooners' new A-team, B-team practice philosophy came from an SEC school.

"We got it from Alabama, actually," Madu said.

So what exactly are the details of it?

"It's just, you have a B-team and an A-team, you know, [and] we're both on different sides of the field," Madu said. "Everybody that's on the practice field is on one practice field or the other one."

And there are a lot of advantages to this.

"Our coaches don't want to see guys standing around," Madu said. "You know, while the first team's going, the second team's [sometimes] standing around waiting for them to get done, so this is a thing where everybody's going all at the same time."

Wide receivers coach Jay Norvell seconded that.

"Well, I think it's a great concept," Norvell said. "If you have the numbers, it really makes sense to do it because guys don't stand around and watch, and the only way they really improve is by practicing and getting in situations and working their way through it."

Especially crucial is the fact that the youth gets a better chance to get involved.

"Kids have gotten more reps than they've ever gotten before, especially your backups and the young kids, you know, kids like Kenny Stills," Norvell said. "Jazz Reynolds and all those young guys get as many reps as the first unit, so that's been really, really positive for us."

So, the Sooners have emphasized speed within their drills and speed in getting more drills done and more people involved.

"We just got a pretty good pace, and we're getting a pretty good number of snaps really," said OU head coach Bob Stoops.

More speed definitely won't hurt the Sooners with their tough schedule in the fall.

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