Madu's Stoked to Return to Running Back

Mossis Madu has returned to his spot at running back, and it would be crazy for someone to think he wasn't thrilled to get back there when he received the news from the coaching staff that he would.

"[I was] all smiles," Madu said. "I was like, ‘Let's do it.' You know, I'm ready to go out there and just eat and get back on the field and do what I do best."

And no, he doesn't mean he's ready to eat something on the dinner table.

For anyone that doesn't completely understand football lingo, eating is the equivalent of "doing good," Madu said.

That potential is certainly there for him in his usual spot in the backfield.

"Yeah I mean, running back is home for me," Madu said. "It comes naturally to me, so I just hope I can get out there and make plays."

Making plays, though, was not exactly Madu's role last year within OU's offensive scheme, as he had only seven receptions for 69 yards in his position as a slot receiver, an average of 5.8 receiving yards per game in his 12 outings, to go along with 17 total rushing yards.

But the one thing it did was broaden his game and polish it to being more than just a running back.

"Oh yeah, definitely [it did]," Madu said. "I already see myself [as being better]. I'm snagging balls a whole lot easier now that I'm back to running back. I mean, the routes are all easier to me. The routes are all comfortable to me. I feel comfortable out there. I feel smooth out there running the routes, so it's just going really good for me."

Mastering those types of skills is what separates an average running back from one that has the explosiveness and agility to be an excellent playmaker in the backfield like DeMarco Murray has.

It's more evident to the team now that he has those types of skills.

"Yeah, Mossis has very similar skills as far as, yes, catching the ball," said OU head coach Bob Stoops. "[He's a] talented guy in space, so yes he can do a lot of that. He's natural at it. He has a good feel for things and [is] a good hard playing guy that has a lot to him. So, yeah, hopefully we want to keep giving him those opportunities, and he's looked good in spring."

So with all these skills, it only makes sense that the Sooners will utilize him more in their offensive schemes in 2010.

In fact, Madu senses that they might already be in the process of doing so.

"I mean, yeah I do [think the coaches are trying to work me into the offense more]," Madu said. "They move me to receiver. They have different packages for me. It's just one of those things, I don't know, I‘ve got to go out there and prove to them that they can trust me [and], you know, throw me out there more."

Perhaps this season as a veteran he'll have a bigger role.

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