Hughes Forming a New Relationship

Today Sooners Illustrated brings you an interview with 2011 4-Star Defensive End, Nathan Hughes out of Klein Oak High School in Spring, Texas. Check inside to see what he had to say.

Last month Nathan Hughes, a 6-foot-5, 257-pound defensive end from Klein Oak High in Texas attended one of the Sooners junior days and had a chance to see the campus.

"It went good," Hughes stated. "I met all the coaches and I liked all of them. We toured the campus and talked about academics. We saw the athletic facilities and the dorms. We just drove around campus and stuff. We ate lunch with the coaches and it was a good feeling. I also got to attend the first half of the basketball game and that was good too."

With former OU DE coach Chris Wilson gone to Mississippi State the new DE coach is Bobby Jack Wright. And Hughes had a chance to hang out with him a little while in Norman.

"I talked to Coach Wright," Hughes began. "Coach Patton handles my recruiting but I have been keeping in touch with Coach Wright. I like him. When I went down there I spent a lot of time with him and we walked around. I was the only defensive end that was there. I got a good feeling with him."

The funny thing is Hughes had no idea Coach Wilson had left for Mississippi State until he checked his Facebook one night. Hughes did state that it does not effect how he feels about Oklahoma however due to his solid relationship with Coach Wright.

"It was Coach Wilson," Hughes said about who used to handle recruiting him. "That's funny you say that because I have him on my Facebook and I clicked on him the other day to see his wall and I saw that he wasn't an OU coach anymore and it totally blew my mind."

One big component in Hughes decision making process will be his Mom's opinion on the school of his choice.

"I will be looking for a team that has a good coaching staff that cares about there players, and definitely a school that cares about winning as much as I do."

"My mom will be apart of my decision because she has been a huge part of my life. And that's definitely going to be something where what she says will affect my decision making. Just because I want to make her happy because it's not only my dream but it's her dream to see me do good."

As a junior in 2009 Hughes finished with 86 tackles, 11 sacks, two fumble recoveries and two forced fumbles. He averaged 9.1-tackles and 1.2 sacks a game.

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