Hart's Offer List Keeps Growing

Today Sooners Illustrated brings you an interview with Bobby Hart, 2011 OT prospect out of well known St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hart has an extremely impressive offer list that just continues to grow.

Playing for a school like St. Thomas Aquinas can makes it easier on a player to get noticed due to its pool of talent that comes through each year. That type of prep talent brings in college coaches from around the country.

Bobby Hart, a 6-foot-5 and 298-pound talented offensive tackle is being recruited from all parts of the country. And so far he is enjoying the whole process.

"It's going real good," Hart explained. "It's better than I expected coming into the process."

As far as visits go Hart has been taking it slow and staying pretty close to home in Fort, Lauderdale, Florida.

"The only real visit I have been on was to Florida State's Junior Day and I liked it a lot."

You would be hard pressed to find another prospect in the country with an offer list as impressive as Hart's, especially when his list just keeps growing.

"Thirty-eight," Hart stated about how many offers he has at the moment. "Now that Stanford just offered on Tuesday."

Another offer might not be too far off from Hart's mailbox en route from Norman, Oklahoma.

"It hasn't made it in the mail yet," Hart said. "My coaches went to a clinic down there and Oklahoma told them that they were interested in me."

At this stage in the process Hart has yet to hear from the Sooners coaching staff. However, he admits he will take them under consideration once the offer arrives in the mail.

"I actually haven't talked to any of the coaches at all. If they offered me I would take them into consideration."

Hart talked about what it was like playing for a school like St. Thomas Aquinas.

"It's a great experience," Hart began. "My head coach has been helping me out a lot. It's good for an offensive lineman because they have you working out and working on your technique so that's good."

Growing up Hart's favorite football team was The "U". The Hurricanes haven't offered at this point and Hart isn't all that worried about it.

"If they do they do if they don't they don't," Hart explained. "There are a lot of other schools out there for me to take into consideration."

When it comes to deciding on what school he will want to attend Hart will have academics on his mind first.

"Academics are first because my mom is a teacher and I want to impress her and meet her standards," Hart stated.

"How well I get to know my offensive line coach since I will be with him for the next four years or five years. And then playing time I guess you could say because I really don't want to redshirt. I mean what kid wants to redshirt. If I can show the coaching staff I can play then I would love to get on the field early. Also the game day atmosphere and how the fans and town support the team if they have a big rivalry and stuff that I would like to be apart of."

Hart has no time table on when he will make his decision. It will just be when ever he feels the timing is right.

"I'm not sure yet. Whenever I feel that it is right that's when I will make my decision."

JUNIOR: Bobby Hart was named Second Team All State at OL for the 2A classification. He says he can bench 315-pounds, squat 500 and has a 29-inch vertical jump.

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