Murray Surges Early in Spring Practice

Running back DeMarco Murray, who announced after the Sun Bowl that he would return for another year instead of heading for the NFL, has battled several injuries throughout his career at OU, and lately he's attempted another way to stay healthy.

The 6-foot-1 speedster from Las Vegas has been doing Yoga activities to ensure his health.

"You know, for me, and I'm not very flexible, it's just trying to stretch a lot more than I usually am," Murray said. "You know, the only time I use stretches is during practice, you know, just stretching before practice, after practice and then during practice more."

And greater flexibility is something that can greatly diminish the chance of more injuries.

"[It's] just being more flexible for me, you know, with keeping my hamstrings and things like that nice and loose," Murray said. "Not being so tight, I've heard, prevents a lot of injuries, things like that, you know, especially with running backs, so we'll see where it takes me."

So who recommended it to him?

"My dad, [Strength trainer Jerry Schmidt, Coach Gundy, a lot of people have [suggested it]," Murray said.

There have even been others on the team attempting to do the same thing.

"Actually there was a group of us and linemen that were doing it," Murray said. "You know, but I don't know who's in the class with me next time."

As for his status, it's good news there for Sooner fans.

"[I'm] feeling real well right now," Murray said. "You know, ankle's still getting better, but other than that, I'm feeling good."

He's been participating in most of the spring practice routines.

"I've done everything, you know, just not the scrimmages," Murray said. "But other than that, I'm just like everyone else, getting the reps, you know, every time with the ones, so [I'm] doing everything."

In fact, it's the first time in several seasons that he's had that opportunity.

"Well just pretty much having a full year under my belt just like my first spring [is huge]," Murray said. "You know, I was here. It went well, you know, and then I had a good season."

And he feels like this provides that opportunity yet again.

"You know, just continuing to not have to take four, five, six months off and getting back used to [working] and cutting and things like that [is crucial]," Murray said. "So just having this full year under my belt, you know, just working out with [Schmidt], getting stronger, not getting any slower, you know getting faster and my speed and things where it needs to be, but, you know, I've been feeling pretty good right now just like I did my freshman year, my redshirt freshman year."

"You know, having this whole year under my belt, you know, not having to get used to getting hit and carrying the ball and making cuts and things like that, so I think it's really going to help me."

That verdict will be found out in the fall.

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