Stoops Q&A: "I'm Really Pleased"

The Sooners got back out for another spring practice Tuesday afternoon, and Sooners Illustrated caught up with OU head coach Bob Stoops to talk about what transpired.

On how everything's going—It's going well. I'm really pleased. You know, guys are working hard and doing well, making some good progress, so it's been positive and good.

On if Eric Mensik has been at tight end or tackle—Mostly tackle, but he can, you know, he'll be able to do both.

On them having a number of tackles—Yeah, those guys are doing well, doing good, but, you know, he's doing awfully well, too.

On how the secondary is performing—It's, we've only had one scrimmage, so there's still a lot going on there, but, you know, all of them are getting a bunch of work and snaps, and we're getting better.

On how Cory Brandon has been doing—Pretty good. He's been doing well. I've been pleased overall with really the whole offensive line and how they're working and competing and playing.

On Jeremy Beal and Frank AlexanderVery solid, very good. You know, those guys are [experienced]. But, there's always room for improvement. You know, they're making it. Frank, just in some little areas discipline wise and technique can make some strides, and he is. He's working on it, but they're doing well.

On if the offense is going to look any different—Well it's minor tinkering for the most part. Still, you look at us, you know, by the end of the year, [and] we were most of our offensive statistics were in the top five I think in most everything with all those injuries, you know, and all those, and that's with all the juggling [that] was necessary through the whole year and where most of the injuries were.

On if they'll still operate in the no-huddle—As long as it continues to work well, but [I] believe it will. I mean, you know, you look at the last two games of the year. With all those young guys in there, we put up what was it in the bowl game and against two ranked teams, we, you know, offensively moved the ball really pretty well.

On if they have any veterans that haven't done much before this spring but are starting to blossom—I'm sure there are. Who, I don't know. You'll have to give me a roster and think who's been here awhile. It's just kind of hard to think of 100 guys and who that is.

Donald definitely is a guy that has a chance to be a great player for us if he'll continue to do the right things in every part of the, you know, school and otherwise, and, you know, Eric showed a year ago—Erik Mensik—the second half of the year, in particular at the end, with the injuries we got.

On if Madu's one of those guys—Oh definitely, you know, absolutely. [He] definitely has to be a contributor and factor for us, and Mossis is quicker and faster right now. He's trimmed some weight and really looks good. He's got a little more of his shape back and is doing well.

On if Ronnell Lewis is coming along—To a degree. You know, to some point he is, but he's going to be a good player for us.

On if both Ronnell Lewis and Tom Wort are working at middle LB—Yeah, but Ronnell plays, Sam as well. But Coach [Venables] will work some of those other guys in there at mic, too. Well, you know, in the past it's helped us. You've got to have some flexibility to play a couple of positions.

On if Ronnell Lewis could work at defensive end—Possibly in some of our 3-4 packages and long yardage packages, sure.

On if Ronnell Lewis can play three or four different positions—Definitely. He's very—I say it a lot—very powerful, explosive player, so you try and give him opportunities, and he can make those kinds of plays.

On what type of person it takes to hold off until senior year without playing a lot—Well, in today's world, it is [what] everybody wants, instant whatever you want to call it, success or gratification or what not, and this is when you think of the competition at this level, you think of only 11 guys can play at once. And, you know, the mental part of it as well [is hard]. It's just it takes time sometimes, and those kind of guys are really good team guys that see the big picture and realize that they can have that kind of success if they stick with it in time, and it can be great success. I mean, you look at what Clint [Ingram's] doing now and how he's moved on, and, you know, Clint's a great guy to talk to about it because he still comes back and loves every day he was here. You know, but it took him awhile to make a great contribution, but when he did, it was pretty special those last couple years.

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