Wilson Sees Improvement in O-Line

Last year with all the injuries the Sooners had to deal with, the offensive line was like a revolving door, but there might be reason to believe in a change for the better in 2010.

Just ask OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson, who said there have been some signs of progress despite occasional growing pains.

"It's okay," Wilson said. "I mean, we're trying to just be more patient and, you know, stick with the run a little more, trying to be a little firmer and stronger in protections. There's some good and bad."

The good is that they are collectively performing better.

"I think we've got a much better grasp on what we're trying to do than we did at any point last year right now as far understanding concepts and issues and how to pick up things," Wilson said.

The good is that there is more depth given all the tweaking of the lineup OU went through in 2009.

"Correct, I mean [it's much deeper]," Wilson said. "And I think just our overall core with Eric [Mensik] in there was doing well, and our leadership and our core is just a little bit more driven, sets just a better standard daily, you know, coming to work and coming to practice, off the field, being on time, just doing the little things, you know."

The good is that they simply are all doing their roles more effectively and efficiently.

"That crowd right now I think understands what they need to do better, and I think they're doing their job better," Wilson said. "There's days where it [needs to be] better than it is, but I really like the way it is right now. It's definitely something to build on, something to work with."

The good is that they are more accountable in many situations.

"Yeah, especially, I mean, [it's better] with every guy this winter has made every workout on the line," said offensive lineman Ben Habern. "No one was kicked out. No one was, you know, really got in trouble or anything."

But as always, there is room for improvement.

"It definitely needs to be better," Wilson said. "But I think it's better right now than it was at anytime last season, definitely better than it was a spring ago, so it's okay. Of course we're losing Trent [Williams] and Brody [Eldridge], but the core and the depth is significantly better, and it's something to build on."

Perhaps preparation this spring will allow this line to become more experienced in time for a different result next fall.

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