Sooner Spring Game: Breakdown Part II

Here's this weekend's offensive breakdown from the 2010 Spring Game.


Give them a little bit of a break considering the terrible weather conditions, but overall it wasn't a real impressive performance by either. However, White Team QB Landry Jones settled in after a bit of a slow start. Jones skipped his first pass to wide receiver Cameron Kinney, but from there on out, he was smart with the football on his way to completing 17 of his 34 passes for 211 yards and two touchdowns. Drew Allen had a less effective outing on the other side, as he went 10-for-22 for 137 yards but with two picks.

Running backs/fullbacks—B+

Once again, it's difficult to gage without guys like DeMarco Murray, Jermie Calhoun and Mossis Madu getting limited to no reps. But each side had a guy that impressed. For the winning side, it was fullback Marshall Musil that was solid, rushing for 92 yards on 29 carries, including a 45-yard scamper in the second half. The Red Team featured walk-on running back Dominique Whaley from Lawton MacArthur, who racked up 50 yards on 10 carries.

Wide receivers/tight ends—C+

Ryan Broyles looked true to form in his action, snagging four passes for 69 yards en route to leading receiving yards for the Red Team. Jaz Reynolds had two receptions for 65 yards for that squad as well. The leading receiver in the game, though, was White Team wideout Kenny Stills, who caught six passes for 81 yards and a touchdown. Tight end Trent Ratterree had four catches for 41 yards with a touchdown as well. There were a few drops, though, including one by Stills that hit him right in the chest, but some of that could have been the weather. Overall, the blocking by the tight ends was pretty good as well.

Offensive line—B-

Perhaps more than any other unit, it's tougher to gage the success of an offensive line during the spring game just simply because of the mixed rotations. But there were definite flashes of progress from points last year just in their protections. Both lines had a few penalties, but there was nothing major to worry too much about given the circumstances.

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