Stoops Speaks About His Four First Rounders

The Sooners raked in four picks in the first 21 of the draft, and OU head coach Bob Stoops spoke individually about all four of them.

On the first overall pick to the St. Louis Rams, quarterback Sam Bradford:

"Sam is special. He is blessed with all of the attributes you like in a quarterback. He's athletic, smart and mature. We throw words like those around pretty easily, but he possesses all of those qualities at an extremely high level. There is great comfort for a team and coaching staff with someone like that directing the offense. Leadership manifests itself in a number of ways, but first and foremost, a leader must have the respect of the team for the way he prepares, plays and conducts himself. Sam earned that kind of respect very early in his career here. From a playing perspective, I always appreciated his pinpoint accuracy. It was uncanny, and part of the reason he was so accurate was that he understood how to read defenses and find the best throw."

On the third pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy:

"Gerald was one of the most complete student-athletes I have ever coached. Obviously, he made tremendous contributions to our program on the field, but he was just as valuable to our campus and community. From a football perspective, Gerald combines outstanding quickness with a great feel for the game. Those two qualities made him a disruptive force that elevated the center of our defense to one of the most reliable facets of our team."

On the fourth pick to the Washington Redskins, offensive tackle Trent Williams:

"I have a great appreciation for Trent because of what he was willing to do for our program. I think he played every line position during his career here, and in his senior season, when I am sure he would have preferred to concentrate on the tackle position, he actually played some center because it was best for our team. That kind of unselfishness from very gifted players is something that coaches never forget. Trent has great feet and strength and he's a solid technician. We've had a number of good linemen here lately and he's as good as any of them. He will be a valuable contributor in the NFL."

On the 21st pick to the Cincinnati Bengals, tight end Jermaine Gresham:

"Jermaine is that combination of speed, size and strength that we see very rarely. He also has an extremely competitive attitude which contributed to him being such a dominant player. He was a walking mismatch. But even though he accomplished so much, I've always felt that he has a great focus on the sport of football and the concept of getting better every day. He has already proven himself as an outstanding player, but you get the sense that he is far from satisfied. His standards are very high and he will do everything in his power to reach them."

-Courtesy of OU media relations-

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