The Crimson and Cream Snags Three More Picks

Three more Sooners went in the NFL Draft on Saturday, including a fourth-rounder and two fifth round picks, and now seven Sooners have been drafted overall including all of those first rounders.

First, the Philadelphia Eagles selected linebacker Keenan Clayton with the 23rd pick in the fourth round and 121st overall pick.

Then, in the fifth round, via a trade from the Washington Redskins through the St. Louis Rams, the Atlanta Falcons took cornerback Dominique Franks with the fourth pick there and 135th overall pick.

Later, with the 31st pick in the same round and 162nd overall pick, the Indianapolis Colts selected tight end Brody Eldridge.

And now here's what OU head coach had to say about each of these three.

On Clayton:

"Keenan's maturation as a player was impressive. He made himself a stronger and faster player and developed into someone that we had to have on the field. The fact that he began his career as a safety then moved to a linebacker gave him a lot of versatility. It made it possible for him [to] double at times as our nickel back, a real luxury, especially against hurry-up offenses."

On Franks:

"Dominique had a knack for the big play, and he made several for us that changed the tone of a game. He covers well, tackles well and is extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands. I think he'll grow into an outstanding corner in the NFL and will only increase his value with the skills he also possesses on special teams."

On Eldridge:

"You won't find a bigger heart than the one in Brody Eldridge. He attacks on every play. Brody is a devastating blocker and a guy who has really honed his receiving skill. He looked very good catching the ball on Sam Bradford's pro day. We viewed Brody as one of our most valuable players so I am very happy that he is getting this opportunity."

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