Two Reasons '10 Will Be Better on Hardwood

The Sooner basketball team struggled to a 13-18 record in 2009-10, but while it may sound like a stretch, there are a couple reasons why next year could be better than this past year, and Sooners Illustrated provides those reasons with this first of a two-part series.

In the next part, Sooners Illustrated will provide a few reasons why it might be a worse or equally as bad year next year.

Two reasons it could be better in 2010-11:

2. Leadership from an established leader—This is something the Sooners didn't have a whole lot of last year. OU head coach Jeff Capel said it himself at several different junctures in the season. But a senior next year and four-year player, guard Cade Davis should provide more leadership during his senior season. So often one hears coaches talk about the intangibles in players and how that translates into success. For the Sooners, leadership was one of those intangible qualities that was virtually nonexistent last year and could be better if Davis steps it up.

1. Lack of personal agendas—There seemed to be a lot of this rolling around the arena last year. Even Capel said that was a factor when he called out some of his team during a postgame press conference. His specific point was that guard Willie Warren was the best player on the floor before he got hurt, and others on the team had a problem with that because they thought they were the best on the court. Then, guard Tommy Mason-Griffin was the go-to guy after Warren's injury, and others had issues with that. Internally, there was a lot of "I" and less about the team. There will certainly be less in the form of personal agendas next season.

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