Three Reasons 2010-11 Could Be Worse

Previously, Sooners Illustrated provided a couple of reasons why next year could be better for the basketball team, so here now are the top three reasons why 2010 will be equally as bad or worse.

Top three reasons not to be excited about 2010-11:

3. Loss of a ton of talent—Three McDonald's All-Americans have left the Sooners in pursuit of the NBA Draft. Sophomore guard Willie Warren, as well as freshman point guard Tommy Mason-Griffin and freshman forward Tiny Gallon, all declared for the draft instead of coming back for another year. Consider that those were three of the four Sooners that averaged in double figures in scoring. Warren led the team with 16.3 points per game, while Mason-Griffin averaged 14.1, and Gallon provided 10.3 points per game. OU's only other scorer that averaged double digits was guard Tony Crocker, who scored 11.4 points per game, and he is also gone due to graduation.

2. No established camaraderie—Along with that, the Sooners won't have the type of camaraderie from the beginning of the year that they need. That's not to say it won't get better as the year goes on, but with all the turnover in the players leaving, this will certainly be an issue.

1. Assistant coaching turmoil—First, it was assistant coach Oronde Taliaferro, who resigned after three years at OU to pursue other opportunities. Now, it's assistant coach Mark Cline, who has left to get closer to home in a position at Marshall University. Turnover in assistant coaching positions is underrated because those guys reflect the coaching styles of the head coach. So, this factor will be a huge negative for the Sooners next year.

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