Musil's Showing Solidifies FB Position

The Sooners got an electric showing in the backfield from someone they didn't expect they would in OU's Spring Game less than a month ago.

No, it wasn't DeMarco Murray, who didn't have a carry.

No, it wasn't Jermie Calhoun either.

And it wasn't Mossis Madu, who only recorded one yard on three carries.

Instead, it was fullback Marshall Musil, who is currently listed as the starter on the Sooner depth chart.

Musil racked up 92 yards on 29 carries, most of which was on a 45-yard scamper in the fourth quarter.

"I was waiting for that one," Musil said. "I was hoping it be closer to the goal line because if it was going to be on the opposite 20, I knew somebody was going to catch me."

That someone was defensive back Lamar Harris.

"I got a good look," Musil said. "I got a stiff arm on him, so I got to see who it was. I mean he was coming back from the other side. I knew he was coming."

Regardless of the fact that he came short of the end zone, however, it was ample evidence of his impressive performance.

Continually the Sooners kept feeding him throughout the scrimmage.

"I didn't really have a feeling [they would do this]," Musil said. "I didn't know how many carries I was going to get really. It was just going in, whatever happens happens."

And a near-100-yard day certainly did happen.

But what's more encouraging for the high school running back converted fullback is the fact that he's starting to come into his own in the fullback position.

"Well, I've got a lot of like the [main things] down," Musil said. "I know where to go. It's just being able to stay on my track and trust the offense that Coach [Kevin] Wilson trusts [with] the fullback positions, but the concepts yeah I do."

Musil wouldn't admit to "loving" blocking yet, but said he's getting there.

"I don't know [that love's the way to put it because] loves a strong word," Musil said. "I don't know. Maybe not love, but I'm liking it a lot more now that I'm getting more of the technique down. Technique helps a lot. I figured out [that]. I didn't have much of that in high school."

So, that is making him more versatile at the fullback position, something that he definitely likes.

"Yeah, I do [think it's good]," Musil said. "I like to be able to do more. It makes me feel useful, I guess."

Indeed he was useful in the Spring Game.

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