Alexander: I've Got to Take the Challenge On

Today Sooners Illustrated supplied post spring breakdowns of all the defensive line positions, and at the conclusion of spring practice SI caught up with one of those guys, DE Frank Alexander, to ask him about entering the season for the first time as a full-time starter as well as a couple of other questions, including one about what might have changed up front on the other side of the ball.

On how it feels to be going into the year as a starter—I don't know man. It feels good to be that starter. You know, it [took] a long time and a lot of preparation to get to that point, but it just feels like now is a big [opportunity]. I've got a challenge in front of me. I've got to take the challenge on, and with God with me I feel like I can do it.

On how the spring went—Oh, it's going pretty good. Initially it started off kind of rough as far as me working on getting technique down and playing with better pad leverage and stuff, but, you know, Coach [Bobby Jack] Wright turned me down. You know, he sat down and talked about it and stuff, and he got me right, you know, so I feel like now I'm progressing to be a better player like with technique plus some of the stuff that I already had.

On their expectations—We're still going to get out there. You know, we lost G and A-Town. They were some big keys to our defensive line last year, but we've got some young guys coming in who are [prepared] to step up and play their role like they did. And me and Jeremy are trying to get out there and do the same thing we've been doing. You know, we're not trying to do no extra stuff, just go out there and play the way we know how to play, so see how it goes.

On the offensive line and what's different now—Man, the offensive line has gotten better. The story is not jumping off sides and having certain holding penalties. They're getting in there, and they're working their technique down, too. And we're just getting out there and trying to make them better. You know, they're getting after us and making us better, so it's just a cycle thing going with the line. We're trying to get each other right, so when it comes September, we'll all be on one page.

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