Wilson: 'They're Going to Be Pretty Good'

The Sooner offensive line was disastrous in 2009, and granted it had all the injuries and other misfortunes, but the offense as a whole just wasn't good last year. However, OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson provided a couple reasons at the end of spring ball why it might be better this time around.

1. There is a lot of competition at different positions.

Wilson on the competition—But Austin [Haywood] will be in the mix. Trey Millard will be in the mix. Brennan Clay will be in the mix. Trey Franks looks pretty fast. He'll be in [the competition]. There's going to be guys in the mix, so you saw a lot more competition, and I think the class coming in is really going to help, and preseason's going to be a lot of fun. I think our guys, they like practice, and I think preseason's going to be fun. We're going to throw some more competition out there, so it'll be a lot of fun.

2. There is depth on the offensive line now.

Wilson on how he feels about the offensive line—Again, I don't know if we have a dominant, great, here's the first guys, but the second guys are all pretty good. There's going to some major committee [work].

So, maybe a guy isn't playing all the time, but the twos have bridged the gap the way we practice with some of the double dip, two inside drills and what not that a lot of guys have gotten work. A lot of guys have gotten better, and there's just not a big gap. Now maybe that means our first group isn't phenomenally great. I guess you could say it that way, but to me they're very athletic. They're going to be pretty good. They're really good. I really like the second group. I don't feel there's a falloff between, ‘Ok, now that guy's at right guard. He can't block, or this guy's a left tackle.' So I really like the way they've worked.

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