RECRUITING: It's Bomar or bust for Sooners

America's top high school quarterback says two schools will be in it until signing day

For every recruiting class signing a prime time quarterback is always a top priority. That doesn't always mean that the position is the top priority of a recruiting class, but signing a top signal caller in every class is very important. Lets face it, a team is not going to win conference or national championships if they don't have a winning quarterback under center.

For the Sooners, their top quarterback prospect is also quite possibly the top QB in the country. Sure, Rhett Bomar (6-3, 195, 4.6) of Grand Prairie, Texas is not rated number one by everybody. But already, Jamie Newberg is the The Insiders Network has stated that he feels Bomar is the best and from what I have seen on film he is the best. Not only that, but he is already a great interview, which is important with media types like me.

The Sooners have had Bomar at the top of their recruiting board for the past couple of years and Bomar also has the Sooners high on his list, but so does the Texas Longhorns.

"I really like Oklahoma and always have," said Bomar. "The Sooners are a great program and their offense is perfect for me. I also get along great with Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Brent) Venables, and the players seem like a family.

"Oklahoma is at the top of my list, but I have to say they are probably equal with Texas right now. The programs are similar in some ways, but different in many ways as well. I also like Florida State and Miami, and I am sure there will be other schools involved as well. I can think I can say for sure that OU and Texas will be involved in my recruiting up until signing day.

Rhett plays for his father Jerry and pops loves OU as well. Coach Bomar says that his son will take a look at a number of schools before he puts his name on the dotted line.

"Rhett listed a few of his favorite schools, but didn't list all the schools that we will look into," said Coach Bomar. "This is a very important decision in Rhett's life and he owes it to himself to investigate as many schools as possible. There will be several variables involved with his decision and more will come into focus as the recruiting process takes shape.

"Without question, playing time is important. Rhett needs to sign with a program where he has a legitimate chance to play early. The prestige of the program is important and the opportunity to win. Rhett likes Oklahoma and we have always liked the Sooners. The same goes with Texas to a certain extent, but we have probably spent a little more time with the Sooners."

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