Three Reasons OU Has a Bad Tourney Draw

Sooners Illustrated provided the three positives of the bracket, so now it's time to discuss some reasons why it's a tough draw.

1. The regional is completely battle tested—Namely California and North Carolina have played stiff opponents all year. Both play in extremely tough conferences. Because Cal is in the Pac-10, they have played the likes of Arizona State, UCLA, Stanford and Washington, among others. Two of those, ASU and UCLA, are national top eight seeds. UNC has competed with Virginia, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Clemson, to name a few. And even the No. 4 seed Oral Roberts has a couple good teams of its own, as it took care of No. 2 national seed Texas earlier in the year.

2. UNC has advanced to the CWS four straight times—It has to be in the back of the minds of the returning Tar Heel players' minds that they simply have found ways to make it back to Omaha in recent years, so why can't they do it again? But there's a chance that this might not matter because Cal might take care of UNC before OU gets a chance at them. Nevertheless, the ego will be there until it is shattered, and for four straight years, they have landed in the College World Series.

3. Virginia is lurking in the future—For most of the year, the Virginia Cavaliers have sat in the No. 1 spot in the majority of the polls. For some perplexing reason, the tournament committee bumped them down to the No. 5 overall seed, which, although it has no bearing on the caliber of non-national seed they are set to face in the second round, is very odd. If the Sooners can sneak past their regional with California, North Carolina and Oral Roberts, though, one thing's certain. A very stingy opponent will be right there waiting for them, unless someone upsets UVA in unlikely fashion.

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