Joining the Pac-10: The Positives For OU

If Nebraska and Missouri won't commit to staying in the Big 12, then the Pac 10 might come calling for Oklahoma and a number of other schools in the conference, so now it's time to look further into what this means, first analyzing the potential positives of this.

Three positives of OU going to the Pac-10:

1. More revenue—Currently, each school in the Big 12 earns somewhere between $7 million and $10 million in television revenue. Consider this, though. If the Pac-10 expands and includes Oklahoma in its expected offer that supposedly also involves Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Colorado or Baylor, the Sooners would gain a whole new amount of revenue from that deal. And here's why. The proposed 16-team conference merger between the Pac-10 and these six Big 12 schools would allow for the "Pac-16" to set up a huge television deal that could generate this revenue all the way from the West Coast to the Eastern Southwest (Texas and Oklahoma).

2. More exposure—Along with more revenue, there is the increased exposure that Oklahoma will receive from this deal. OU is already a high-profile university, but consider the fact that Oklahoma would then benefit from games consistently airing in highly populated U.S. cities such as Los Angeles (2nd), Phoenix (6th), San Diego (8th), San Jose (10th) and San Francisco (14th), to go along with the major populated cities currently geographically central to the lower half of the Big 12, including Houston (4th), San Antonio (7th), Dallas (9th) and Austin (16th). That means nine of the top 16 U.S. cities in population would include the "Pac-16" region, and that doesn't even include others such as Fort Worth, El Paso, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Oklahoma City and Tucson, which all rank within the top 32 in U.S. figures. So obviously this is a major reason why television revenue would skyrocket, but it also figures into huge exposure for OU.

3. Better competition—Let's face it. A matchup against USC or Oregon in football across the "Pac-16" divisions seems very intriguing in football. A contest against UCLA or Arizona seems incredible in basketball. And then there's baseball as well. OU would get to take on Stanford and Arizona State, two perennial powers. Without naming any schools that are left out of this deal in the Big 12, it figures to be a definite step up to face those teams in the current Pac-10.

Check here for the potential negatives of this possible conference superpower alignment.

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