Joining the Pac-10: The Negatives for OU

It's now time to discuss the potential problems with OU joining the Pac-10.

Three negatives of OU going to the Pac-10:

1. Travel and money issues—It's only 1,352 miles from Norman to Los Angeles, just 1,963 miles from Norman to Corvallis, Ore., where the Oregon State reside and only 2,022 miles from Norman to Seattle. Consider that it's well over a three hour plane flight from the Oklahoma City metro area to Los Angeles. So, that's not a short trip. On top of that, consider the expense that it takes to make all those trips for the different sports, including the big three, football, basketball and baseball.

2. Scheduling times—The West Coast resides in the Pacific Time Zone, which is one hour behind Mountain Time, the zone that includes Colorado, and two hours behind Central Time, which consists of Oklahoma and the four other schools rumored to be in the mix for the offer. It wouldn't be as big of a deal for Colorado, but prime time in the Oklahoma-Texas area would be a couple hours before that of the West Coast, so that would be a potential issue when scheduling game times.

3. The Sooners would lose a lot of history—Of course the Sooners are always going to have a rich football tradition, as well as a solid basketball and baseball program. No part of that will be affected, but the part of that history they will lose is the teams they have played against for all those years. They have been competing against schools such as Kansas and Kansas State for years. If this potential Pac-10 expansion takes place, OU will move away from those ties they have with those schools, something that won't be an easy thing to leave behind and something that will be a huge change.

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