Staying in the Big 12: The Positives for OU

It seems almost improbable that the Big 12 will be saved at this point, but there are a few reasons why it's better than splitting up and OU going to the Pac-10.

Three positives of OU staying with the Big 12:

1. Maintaining tradition—Granted Nebraska is the longest and fiercest rivalry OU has with any of the north teams, but consider that the Sooners have competed for years against schools such as Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Missouri, and maintaining that competition is important. Although Colorado is rumored to already have received an offer from the Pac-10, the other four above are expected to be in limbo between the Big 12 and what takes place. The Sooners and other Big 12 schools staying put, though, would allow them to maintain tradition against many of the old Big Eight foes.

2. Shorter trips to road sites—This one's a no brainer. What's the farther plane trip, Ames, Iowa, or Corvallis, Ore.? It is a clear advantage for OU to stay in the Big 12 with regards to these travel issues. Midweek trips to Ames or Lawrence, Kan. are doable, but those to Corvallis or Seattle are far more difficult.

3. Game scheduling—One advantage for OU also is that scheduling times are uniform for the most part within the Big 12. The only current school in the conference that falls outside the Central Time Zone is Colorado, which is in Mountain Time. So, prime time is the same around the conference. Moving to the Pac-10 would change that significantly.

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