Derek Farniok: 'It Just Felt Right'

The Sooner offensive line class for 2011 just got a lot better with the commitment of offensive tackle Derek Farniok.

Farniok said it just seemed like the correct choice, the best fit.

"Well I talked to [offensive line Coach James] Patton a few times, and I came down to the camp, and just going through the camp it felt, you know, it just felt right," Farniok said.

It took a little while more for the deliberation, and then the decision was made.

"And on the way back I talked to my dad, and when we got home I talked to my mom and family, and they all supported me and my decision," Farniok said. "So I went with it."

The 6-foot-8, 302 lb. tackle from Washington High School and Sioux Falls, S.D., joins tackle Dylan Dismuke as offensive line commits for the upcoming class.

One thing that particularly stood out to Farniok was the competition this week at the OU Elite Prospect Camp.

"Well on Wednesday morning actually some of the players worked out, and it was just really impressive to see how well they got them to move around and all that," Farniok said. "And that was kind of my main selling point."

The level of play, Farniok said, was very high.

"Oh yeah, it was pretty competitive at the camp, and that was fun," Farniok said. "It's always fun to have a competitive camp."

And it was a pretty solid one as well for the newest commit.

"[It went] good," Farniok said. "I had fun at it and learned a few pointers."

He learned those pointers from a coaching staff he really feels good about.

"I love the coaches," Farniok said. "They're all really nice, and they will let you know if you're not doing something and show you how to fix it."

So what's the upside of this guy?

"Farniok is a prototype offensive tackle with a long reach," said Midlands Recruiting Manager Greg Powers. "He does not have a high ceiling of athleticism that some of the other more highly rated offensive linemen have, but he does all of the things necessary to get the job done. He has a great frame and could really turn into a monster after some development in a college weight room. He has good feet, and over the last year he has really developed a lot of balance and the ability to move much more effectively. He is a very smart player."

Just a year after he first caught people's eyes with these skills, then, Farniok has just helped the 2011 OU recruiting class tremendously.

"He put his name on the map when he showed up at the OU Elite Prospect Camp one year ago, and reporters and onlookers scrambled to try to find out who the big impressive looking specimen was," Powers said. "His brother, Tom Farniok, signed to play with Iowa State in 2010."

Stay tuned for the latest news as it comes in.

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