Joining the SEC: The Positives

It certainly appears that the Sooners are poised to make a commitment to the Pac-10, but if they decided to take the route of the SEC, here's the positives of that.

Three positives of OU going to the SEC:

1. Huge amounts of revenue—There's not much difference here as compared to joining the Pac-10. A move to the SEC would mean the Sooners would be a part of the SEC television network, which brings in a ton of revenue. This part of the equation would be a tremendous benefit for the university. Consider that recent statistics from the Montgomery Advertiser show that each school will receive $17.3 million from their television deals. Currently OU only receives between $7 million and $10 million in the Big 12, so that is significantly higher.

2. Joining the best current football conference—It's already the best conference around in terms of competition for football. Imagine how much stronger it would become if OU, arguably the No. 1 football program of all time, decided to partake in this tough conference. Rivalries would surface between OU and LSU, OU and Alabama and others. It would be unprecedented in the level of competition.

3. Opening up recruiting grounds in the southeast region—The Sooners get a lot of recruits based on tradition and excellence, but clearly there is difficulty stealing players away from this region because so many of them want to play in the SEC. If OU became a member, obviously it would be able to convince some of these recruits to come to Oklahoma to play against some of the tradition-rich programs in the current SEC, such as LSU, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. This would be a major plus side of the move.

Check here for the negatives of OU going to the SEC.

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