Batting Practice Session Goes Well For OU

Although the Sooners have yet to hit the field at Rosenblatt Stadium for a game yet, they got on the diamond for the first time for batting practice Friday afternoon, and Sooners Illustrated was right there to check it out.

It's the Sooners' first trip to Omaha since 1995, and they looked ready to roll during that practice session.

Players were hustling on ground balls and flies to the outfield.

Guys were laying out on some of those balls.

They were hitting ropes during BP.

Everything a coach expects out of his club in practice going into a tournament as crucial as this Weekend's CWS is exactly what OU head coach Sunny Golloway got.

The Sooners look more than prepared for their first game at the ‘Blatt in 15 years.

Now it's time for some of the day's quotables:

On how he handled the possible Big 12-Pac 10 situation–At first, of course, we hear, because we're looking at the ESPN ticker for scores around. So for our student-athletes, I addressed it one time and I addressed it simply that we're very fortunate as student-athletes and coaches that we're at a school like the University of Oklahoma where we have the leadership of our president, David Boren, and our vice president in charge of our -- and director of athletics, Joe Castiglione. That gave us, as coaching staff, tremendous comfort that when the dust settles, everything is going to be as it should be and you'll be where you should be.

But I will tell you this, as all the stuff, it was funny. After we got back from Charlottesville, I was going back and reading all the newspapers that were stacked up there that your neighbor collects for you, and it was almost amazing to me. I didn't realize how that thing really rode itself out, so to speak. And that's because I think -- and I think all the coaches would agree with this -- you just kind of -- you just kind of get in the old foxhole and it's you and your guys, especially when you're on the road, it's you against the world when you go on the road in a Super Regional. We just didn't -- we probably didn't have very much information. And it was good for us not to.

On what OU knows about South Carolina's lineup—Well, in our scouting in South Carolina, we realize there's some guys in there that can hit the ball a long ways. And you know, I think this time of year, you look at guys and you look at the home runs. When you see anything like six or seven or eight, those still -- they don't have to be 10 or 15 or some of the numbers we've seen in some of these

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