CWS Post-Wrap Up Series: Day I

The Sooners were fortunate enough to make the trip to Omaha in the final year at Rosenblatt, so here's a seven day series in honor of the final year of Rosenblatt and OU's return there, starting with what to remember.

This first part will feature some of the things to remember from the ‘Blatt.

What to remember:

Walk-off wins—How fitting it was for HREF=>South Carolina, to finish things off with a 2-1, walk-off 10th inning victory over the UCLA Bruins to win the final national championship at the ‘Blatt. The stadium has played host to a ton of close games over the years and many walk-off wins. But most notably is the only ever walk-off home run to win a CWS, hit by then-LSU second baseman Warren Morris back in 1996 to defeat Miami 9-8 after trailing by one run before coming to the plate.

All the athletes that have given everything on the field—It's not all about wins and losses, but also about the tons of student athletes that have taken the field at Rosenblatt and made their mark on 61 years of history. To be able to say one played at Rosenblatt Stadium is a very unique accomplishment.

Organist Lambert Bartak—The 91-year-old organist was one of a kind, and his legend will live on forever on the grounds that are and always will be the remainders of Rosenblatt Stadium when it is torn down. He's been a mainstay for so many years at the famous ballpark and will not move to the new stadium.

Food places outside the ballpark—There's nothing like walking right outside the stadium and getting a juicy burger from Zestos or King Kong's. And while there will be the downtown eateries, these types of places will no longer be in the conversation.

Local souvenir shops—On that same note, 13th Street is lined with sports shops such as Stadium View Sports Cards and others. This gives fans a chance to walk around and enjoy the moment even more than just sitting inside the stadium.

The neighborhood environment—It's this type of atmosphere that has become a mainstay and played such a key factor in turning the College World Series into what type of event it is. The family type of environment has promoted more and more people to come out and support the event, especially the citizens of Omaha, as well as others.

The cheap seats—It's almost certain that the outfield seats won't have the same feel to them. If there is a similar atmosphere out there, it still won't be entirely the same. Beach balls flying around, left field and right field "sucks" chants and other traditions from those in the general admission seating has highlighted this event for so many years.

So those are some of the things to remember.

Week's agenda:

Monday: What to remember from Rosenblatt

Tuesday: Looking back at the final opening ceremonies (Slide show one and slide show two)

Wednesday: Part I of a behind the scenes look at OU's last trip to the ‘Blatt

Thursday: Part II of a behind the scenes look at OU's last trip to the ‘Blatt

Friday: Game highlights

Saturday: Just why it was so special for the Sooners to make it

Sunday: An explanation of why OU's season was more than satisfying by finishing at the ‘Blatt for the final time by recapping the schedule up to Omaha

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