Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 18

Sooners Illustrated now presents the next part of the ongoing countdown throughout July.

No. 18:

Player: Drew Allen

Position: Backup quarterback

The rundown: Allen, at 6-foot-5, 232 lb., is a talented quarterback from San Antonio, Texas, and he's a good one to have as a backup in the Sooner arsenal. He's improved a lot since the conclusion of last season, when he redshirted after enrolling early in the spring of 2009. He came out of high school as the No. 38 prospect, and he does have a solid arm.

Expectations for 2010: For all intents and purposes, this is quarterback Landry Jones' team. But the coaches and Jones alike insist that Allen is pushing the starter, so that is very encouraging, especially considering what took place last year. However, unless the Sooners have déjà vu, Allen doesn't figure to see anything more than mop up time in 2010.


No. 24: Bronson Irwin

No. 23: Josh Aladenoye

No. 22: Brandon Crow

No. 21: Cameron Kenney

No. 20: Brian Lepak

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