CWS Post Wrap-Up Series: Day VII

Sooners Illustrated now brings the last part to the weeklong series saying farewell to OU's past at Rosenblatt Stadium, with a little bit more about why it was so special for the Sooners to go out like this in 2010.

Forget about all the specifics of how this season went down for a second, and stop and think about the history of college baseball.

Coming into this year, there were only 12 teams that had 10 or more College World Series appearances.

OU was not one of them—the list included Northern Colorado (10), Clemson (11), Arizona (15), LSU (15), Cal State Fullerton (16), Stanford (16), Oklahoma State (19), Florida State (19), Arizona State (20), USC (21), Miami (FL—23) and Texas (33)—with the Sooners owning only nine.

But they can now rest assured that, as the lights have been turned off at Rosenblatt Stadium, they have put to bed the long-awaited return for their 10th appearance at the CWS.

And so it's an extra special 10th trip to Rosenblatt in '10 that the Sooner program can long remember was in the final year of the historic stadium.

Here's a brief look back at all the former appearances:

1951—The Sooners won their first National Championship, led by head coach Jack Baer, going 4-0 in the College World Series after they defeated Tennessee 3-2 in the title game.

1972—OU went only 1-2 with a win over Temple followed by losses in consecutive games to Arizona State and Texas. But the Sooners finished the year 35-17, and this was a special one, starting a streak of five straight years at the ‘Blatt.

1973—The Sooners once again went only 1-2 but finished the tenure 48-12 with an impressive ERA of 1.92 throughout the season.

1974—For the third straight year, OU advanced to the CWS and finished 1-2 under head coach Enos Semore.

1975—OU finally got two victories in Omaha, finishing fourth nationally in a 52-10 season.

1976—The final of five-year stretch of CWS appearances for Semore and his clubs featured a two-and-out performance at Rosenblatt, but they racked up a ridiculous 62-19 record that season.

1992—The Sooners broke a string of 15 years without advancing to Omaha under then-head coach Larry Cochell, as they finished 1-2 in the CWS and 43-24 overall.

1994—For the second time in program history, OU would go on to win the National Championship, as Cochell guided his squad to a 4-0 run to hoist the trophy after defeating Georgia Tech 13-2 in the championship game.

1995—OU's last appearance in Omaha prior to this year came 15 years ago when Cochell took his team to what became his third and final CWS. OU lost both of its games.

2010—Head coach Sunny Golloway, who was a part of the 1994 National Championship team, brought the Sooners back to the promise land in the final year of Rosenblatt Stadium, as they went 1-2 with a win over South Carolina and back-to-back losses to Clemson and South Carolina.

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