Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 15

Jump into today's part of the countdown, which features the first of the starters on the list at No. 15

No. 15:

Player: Marshall Musil

Position: Starting fullback

The rundown: Musil has put on some weight in the offseason, as the 6-foot-2 fullback has jumped up from 218 lbs. to 241 lbs. After impressing during his senior year of high school back in 2008 when he racked up 1,271 yards and 21 touchdowns on the ground on 110 carries, he came to OU and redshirted in 2009. He looked good in the spring game, when he not only blocked well, but rushed for 92 yards on 39 carries.

Expectations for 2010: Certainly don't look for the Sooners to give Musil a heavy dose of carries in the rushing attack with guys like DeMarco Murray and Jermie Calhoun at their disposal in the running back position, but he's proved he can do it. The Sooners would have the option to utilize him in short down situations on occasion, which will be a nice asset to have. And after the spring game, he admitted to grasping the blocking schemes on a whole new level, so that's encouraging.


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