Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 13

Sooners Illustrated now brings the 12th day of the ongoing countdown.

No. 13:

Player: Brandon Caleb

Position: Backup wide receiver

The rundown: Caleb may be a backup on the depth chart to starter Dejuan Miller, but he's deeply rooted within the Sooners' receiving system. He's a guy that finished fourth on the team last year with 26 receptions for 408 yards, an average of 15.7 yards per catch. He hauled in two touchdown passes during the 2009 campaign. That all came after he played only two games the year before in OU's national championship run when playing behind wide outs Juaquin Iglesias and Manuel Johnson.

Expectations for 2010: Count on Caleb catching some passes this year and becoming more of a vocal leader within the group, something that star wide receiver Ryan Broyles said Caleb was really becoming adept at during the spring. If he can haul in a similar amount of yardage as last season, and the other receivers can pick up the pace, it will be a very big positive for the unit in 2010.


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