Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 11

Sooners Illustrated now presents No. 11 on the offensive countdown.

No. 11:

Player: Jermie Calhoun

Position: Backup running back

The rundown: Behind running backs Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray, Calhoun didn't see much playing time last season. But he had a breakout game against Texas A&M, when he dashed for 94 yards on 18 carries. Another notable performance throughout last year included his 29-yard run in the Bedlam game, the longest thus far in her career.

Expectations for 2010: Calhoun will have a much more significant role in 2010, so expect him to see more carries, even behind a healthy Murray, who figures to get the most action. The 6-foot, 216 lb. speedster from Van High School and Ben Wheeler, Texas, has noticeably improved and definiteliy has the potential to break some big runs, something Sooner fans should be really encouraged about with his game.


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