Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 7

Sooners Illustrated is now into the final week of the countdown, as No. 7 comes in today.

No. 7:

Player: Jaz Reynolds

Position: Starting wide receiver

The rundown: In his first year as a Sooner last season, Reynolds had 13 receptions for 256 yards, good for 19.7 yards per reception. His year-long reception came against Texas Tech, a 57-yard play. And he had a three catch, 36-yard performance against the Stanford Cardinal in OU's 31-27 victory in the Sun Bowl. In addition to that, Reynolds also had three reception games against Baylor and Oklahoma State.

Expectations for 2010: Reynolds will play a bigger role in the receiving game this year, complementing star wide out Ryan Broyles. Along with Dejuan Miller and newcomer Kenny Stills, he will compete to solidify the No. 2 spot as quarterback Landry Jones' targets in the passing game. Expect him to be much more fundamentally sound in his second season as part of a very talented receiving corps.


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